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How Otta built the leading platform for jobs in tech

Published:  Jul 10, 2022
Kerstin Reichert

In less than a year, Otta broke through and disrupted the recruitment space for jobs in tech.

In today’s Entrepreneur Edition, we meet co-founder & COO of Otta, Theo Margolius, to find out how he and his team built the leading job platform for anyone wanting to work in tech.



Here’s a summary of all the key points covered in the interview (and timestamps in case you want to skip to your favourite part!)

0:10 – 0:39Who are Otta
0:39 – 3:56Recruitment: a sector in need of innovation
3:56 – 7:12From investment banking to recruitment
7:12 – 8:45The strength of your network in funding your business
8:45 – 11:14Consulting: the best form of market research
11:14 – 13:30How Otta broke through the recruitment market
13:30 – 18:06Building a marketplace: finding users and building partnerships
18:06 – 20:36How data separated Otta from its competitors
20:36 – 23:18Building a positive recruitment brand
23:18 – 26:49Motivate your team: make them part of the journey with options
26:49 – 29:15Otta: what its users have to say
29:15 – 31:59How Otta helped job seekers in uncertain times
31:59 – 34:02COVID19: Shifting product roadmap to benefit the end user
34:02 – 36:28Building the core team & the power of your network
36:28 – 38:25Founders: the jacks of all trades
38:25 – 39:47Tools to manage being a founder
39:47 – 41:11Word of mouth: your most powerful form of marketing
41:11 – 42:16‘Being a founder never really felt like work’
42:16 – 44:03Looking to the future
44:03 – 45:06Persistence: key to building something from nothing
45:06 – EndThe vision

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Image source: Marketing Beat

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