Find InvestorsTop 7 Most Active Seed Investors in Northern Ireland
Noelle Baquiche
Head of Growth at SeedLegals
September 12, 2017

HALO Business Angel Network

HALO represents investor syndicates actively looking for new investment opportunities. The average amount received from Halo angels is £200k.

TechStart NI

The fund can provide up to £250k, with the possibility of follow-on funding. They frequently co-invest to support larger rounds with an average of £500k.


Syndicate Room

The fund operates an online equity crowdfunding platform, through which investors can provide growth funding to pitches of their choice, with an average fundraising amount of £600k

SyndicateRoom frequently co invests with London Business Angels, Cambridge Capital Group and Ascension Ventures


Kernel Capital

The fund's focus is on businesses that require funding over €1m, but it states that it can invest lower amounts in syndicated earlier rounds.


Typically invests between £100k and £1m. The fund also invests in companies interested in technology from Queen’s University in return for an equity stake and IP collaboration.



Typically works with companies raising between £250k and £1m, with a minimum of £20k. There is no maximum target amount, however the optimum range is between £100k and £150k.


Co-Fund NI

Although Co-Fund NI is one of the most active investors in the region, they invest alongside angel investors and do not accept direct applications from companies.

Did you know?

8 out of 10 UK angel investments are made under  SEIS/EIS. You can find out if you qualify to raise under SEIS/EIS, and apply for SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance from HMRC on SeedLegals.

Noelle Baquiche
Head of Growth at SeedLegals
September 12, 2017