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Uncategorised Published:  May 18, 2020 2 min read

How to apply for Future Fund investment

The full details of the Future Fund government match-funding scheme have been published. Applications opened on Wednesday 20th May, and the fund will stay open until at least the end of Jan 2021.

It’s amazing to see how many SeedLegals companies already have their matched investors lined up and raring to go!

We’ve reviewed the final terms and conditions and, as expected, there is no change to the key headlines which we set out in our earlier article.

SeedLegals is here to help with your Future Fund application by taking you through the application process, which includes:

  • Onboarding and checking your company’s cap table and Companies House filings, to ensure you can easily prove that your company qualifies (e.g. filings that show that you’ve raised more than £250K previously),
  • Providing you with our application checklist so that your Lead Investor can easily apply on the Future Fund website,
  • Setting up your board resolutions, shareholder resolutions and investor consents (if you had investor consent provisions in your last round),
  • Advising you on the documents which you need for AML/KYC, and
  • Obtaining the “high net worth” certificates for your investors who need them. 

We’re also working with a legal partner who as part of our package will act as your company solicitor, advise on the signing of the Convertible Loan Agreement, and take receipt of the monies into their client account, which is a Future Fund compliance requirement.

In addition to this you will have a dedicated SeedLegals Future Fund advisor who will guide you through the seamless process from start to finish.

The whole process is meant to be a painless and fast (assuming you have your investors lined up!), and as always SeedLegals is here to guide you every step of the way. Book an appointment here to speak to one of our team to get you started. 

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