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Option scheme insights:
Explore UK trends for 2024, decoded by our experts

Want to know how other startups structure their share option schemes? You’re in the right place. We dive into the data for insights to help you plan or evaluate your own scheme.

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Insights you won’t find anywhere else

This free report contains the findings of our January 2024 survey of all active option schemes on SeedLegals set up in 2022 and 2023, both EMI and Unapproved schemes.

Discover what your peers are doing, how to make your scheme more attractive and the options trends for 2024.

Meet some of our experts

The report includes data insights about share option schemes with commentary from our experts.

Tommy Hackley

Tommy Hackley

Options expert

Tommy is an experienced equity strategist with a specialism in R&D tax credits and share option schemes. Find out more about Tommy

Mo Saed

Mo Saed

Lead options expert

Mo is passionate about leading sales teams and helping founders strategise the best way to grow their startups. Find out more about Mo

Suzanne Worthington

Suzanne Worthington

Senior Writer

Suzanne is obsessed with making complicated things easy to understand. Find out more about Suzanne

In this report

We’ve analysed the data from hundreds of share option schemes set up on SeedLegals in the UK in 2022 and 2023. Our experts highlight trends and share insights on the choices companies make for their EMI and Unapproved schemes.

What % of shares companies set aside for the option pool

How long companies choose for the options vesting period

Whether companies opt for a vesting cliff and if so, how long

What vesting frequency companies choose

Whether companies offer accelerated vesting

When companies allow holders to exercise options

What % of companies have EMI and Unapproved schemes

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