Legal SaaS has arrived


We believe it should be simple for startups to complete all the legals they need to grow, run and fund their company.


SeedLegals allows founders and investors to create all the legal documents they need to build their company and close their funding round, online, in minutes from any connected device. 

Our platform integrates every component of a funding round into an automated process, shrinking funding round timeframes from the 3 month industry average to a matter of days.

The Team


Anthony Rose
Founder & CEO

Anthony is a serial founder and product visionary known for his work managing the launch of the BBC's iPlayer, for which Wired UK named him "the man who saved the BBC". He has founded and co-founded multiple companies including; Beamly, (acquired 2016), 6Tribes (acquired 2015), Hey Blab, and QJAM.

Laurent Laffy
Founder & Chairman

Laurent is a serial angel investor and VC with a portfolio of over 40 early stage investments. He co-led London-based VC Arts Alliance for over 11 years, following a career in private equity spanning JP Morgan, Bain & Company and UBS Warburg. Laurent was the founding investor in

Antoine Drogon
Founder & CTO

Antoine is full-stack developer, and has been long before it was defined in Wikipedia. Previously Head of Development at Arkena, Stockholm-based hosting and media management platform, he started his career at SmartJog, acquired by Arkena, after earning an Engineer's degree at age 20. 

Deborah McGargle
Chief Legal Officer

Deborah is a lawyer, mentor and investor. For over a decade she has worked alongside businesses to raise funds from concept through to exit. She is currently Entrepreneur in Residence at IGNITE accelerator. Deborah was previously at Techstars

James Skinner
Senior Developer

James is a developer with 15 years experience of front-and back-end development working along the full project life-cycle at multiple FinTechs including DealLogic the IPO management platform in addition to 8 years at publishing giant British Medical Journal

Noelle Baquiche
Head of Growth

Noelle is a marketer with experience as Head of Marketing at UK Business Angels Association producing investment initiatives, innovation Awards and corporate accelerator programmes. Noelle was previously at London Business Angels and London Innovators.

Trevor Stedman
Senior Developer

Trevor is a senior developer with over 11 years experience working on a wide-range of technologies, varying from Java back-end roles, to front-end work in Javascript, HTML and CSS. Trevor was previously at Blinkbox Music and Vision Direct