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Find Investors Dec 23, 2021 2 min read

More ways to personalise your Pitch

Since we launched SeedLegals Pitch in November 2021, thousands of founders have created a Pitch page. We’re delighted to let you know that with your feedback, we’ve made Pitch even better! Here are the changes we’ve released in December 2021:

Add a banner image

Match your branding and make your Pitch page more engaging with a banner image.

You could choose a graphic, a photo or something else – as long as it’s a .jpg at least 1000px wide.

How to add cover image to Pitch page
Click 'Add cover photo'...
Pitch page with team cover photo
Ta da!

Turn off deck download

Don’t want viewers to download your deck? No problem, we’ve added a toggle so you can set the download function to on or off. The default setting is on so if you’d like to change this, hop into your Pitch page now.

How to turn off deck download in Pitch
To turn off deck download, slide the toggle

Expand pitch deck

No more squinting at the screen – all your viewers can now expand the pitch deck to view it at a larger size. Remember, even if you’ve disabled deck download, viewers could still screenshot your slides.

Your investors can view your deck at a larger size with this button...
Here's a closer look: click the button to expand deck

Add a private video

You might want to keep your video set to ‘Unlisted’ on Vimeo so it doesn’t appear in web searches. But what if you want to post that video on your Pitch page? We’ve made it possible. Here’s how:

  • In Vimeo, go to Privacy > Sharing for your video, and choose either Unlisted or Public
  • If you’ve set your video to Public:
    Copy the video’s URL and paste it into the Video field on your Pitch page
  • If you’ve set your video to Unlisted:
    Copy the embed code and paste it into the Video field on your Pitch page

That’s it! Anyone viewing your Pitch page will be able to view your video – whether its privacy setting in Vimeo is Public or Unlisted.

Set your video to either Unlisted or Public
If you video is Public, click to copy the link. If your video is Unlisted, click to copy the embed code.

These updates are available now…

You don’t need to do anything – all these features are ready to use, next time you log in.

… and there are more updates coming soon

We’ll release more improvements to Pitch early in 2022:

  • See preview on social media
    When you post your Pitch link on social media, your post will contain your unique preview image and description.
  • Add other people
    You’ll be able to add advisors and other team members to your Pitch page, not just founders.
  • Collect leads
    You’ll be able to view the email address of everyone who views your Pitch page.

Have your say

What do you think of Pitch and what would make it better? Email us to let us know – we love to hear from you.

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