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All plans come with legendary customer support from our in-house legal team. Fees shown are ex VAT.

Funding Rounds


Perfect for raising £10K to £150K
Designed for easy investments from friends & family.
for the first £70K raised,
then 1% of the amount raised over £70K. We recommend the Seed package for rounds over £100K
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Pay the first £200 when you send out the Investment Proposal, balance on completion when investors pay you.
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Perfect for £150K to £500K SEIS/EIS rounds
Designed for investments from angels and early stage VCs.
for the first £150K raised,
then 1% of the amount raised from £150K-£300K, then 0.3% of the amount raised from £300K-£1M
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Pay the first £500 when you send out the Term Sheet, the balance on completion when investors pay you.



Perfect for £500K to £5M Seed and Series A rounds
Designed for larger, complex rounds and VC investments.
for the first £300K raised,
then 0.3% of the amount raised from £300K-£1M, then 0.15% of the amount raised over £1M
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Pay the first £500 when you send out the Term Sheet, the balance on completion when investors pay you.


Documents included
Term Sheet
Shareholders Agreement
Disclosure Letter
Articles of Association
Investor Consent Notice
Preemption Notice
Board Minutes
Shareholders Resolution
Simple investment proposal
Simple investment agreement
VC-level customization
VC-level customization
VC-level customization
VC-level customization
VC-level customization
VC-level customization
Platform Features
E-sign all documents online
Summary of deal terms
Share documents with investors online
SEIS/EIS support
Rolling Close
Instant Investment top-up
2-Tranche closing
Share Classes
Ordinary Shares
SEIS- and EIS-compatible Liquidation Preference
Share Options Pool
Preference Shares
Share Attributes
Cap Table
Cap Table
Share register
Share split
Exit scenario modeling
Investor Management
Investor disclaimer certificates
Due Diligence checklist
Investor director appointment
Completion and Filing
1-click share certificates
File SH01 & SH02 with Companies House
Full Team Support
Our team of lawyers and funding experts will help you every step of the way!
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No obligation, pay later
Get Started Free
No obligation, pay later
Get Started Free
No obligation, pay later

Base Plan

Easily create all the legals you need to build your team and get investment ready.
+ 30 day free trial
Tools & Features
Cloud storage of your documents
Sign and share documents
Build and manage your Cap Table
Create beautiful share certificates
Exit scenario modelling
Supported Documents
Founder & Advisor Agreements
Employment Agreements
IP Assignment Agreement
Non-disclosure Agreement
Intern Agreement
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SEIS Advance Assurance

Easily apply for SEIS or EIS advance assurance through the SeedLegals portal.
One-off flat fee
What You Get
Your ready-to-submit application form in PDF format
Instant cover letter in PDF format
Cloud access to your application form anytime, anywhere
Step-by-step tutorials on how to submit your application to HMRC
Tips on how to get your application approved by HMRC
Ongoing support from our team of legal and funding experts
Apply for SEIS / EIS Now

Concierge Service

Need something extra? We offer up to 5 hours assistance under our concierge service, valid in the run-up to, and during your funding round.
One-off flat fee
Examples of what the concierge team will help with:
Create SeedLegals documents on your behalf
Build your Cap Table
Fix filing errors at Companies House
Review your existing employment contracts
Review previous round documentation
Liaising on your behalf with investors
Request Concierge Service

SeedFAST Agreement

Raise investment now, ahead of a future funding round. Our SEIS-friendly SeedFAST Agreement lets you provide investors with SEIS and EIS benefits. It even includes an optional Investor Consent Notice.
for the first £20K raised
+0.5% of amount over £20K
How it works
Specify your SeedFAST deal-terms
Review the generated agreement
Share it with your investor to e-sign
Your SeedFAST agreement 
Cloud access to your agreement anytime, anywhere
Step-by-step tutorials on creating the agreement
Ongoing support from our team of deal experts
Create a SeedFAST

Instant Investment

Instantly take investment at any time. Your investor gets an email with a link to view the previous funding round docs and a Deed of Adherence to sign.
minimum per investment
+1% the first £100K
+0.3% of the amount from £100k - 300k
+0.15% of amount over £300k
How it works
Do a funding round on SeedLegals and enable Additional Investment Post Completion.
Set a maximum Instant Investment amount that can be added and by what date.
Start adding additional investments by inviting investors to view and sign your agreements.
Specify a custom valuation at each investment or enable SeedLegals to automatically increase.
Access to previous round deal docs
SeedLegals-generated Deed of Adherence for the investor to e-sign online
Automatically updated cap table to reflect the new investment
Issuing of share certificates for each investment
Our team of legal and funding experts on hand to answer your every question.
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SEIS/EIS Compliance Statement and Certificates

Easily give your investors what they need to claim their tax deductions post-funding.
+£15 per SEIS3/EIS3 certificate
How it works
After your round, create your SEIS1/EIS1 forms on SeedLegals, download and send to HRMC.
HMRC will send you an SEIS2/EIS2 form, authorising you to issue SEIS3/EIS3 certificates to your investors.
Enter the authorisation number in the SEIS2/EIS2 forms into SeedLegals, and we'll instantly build all the SEIS3/EIS3 certificates, you need to share with each investor.
Wizard page walks you through each step, prompts you to enter all needed information.
Automatic investment information completion
Automatic SEIS1/EIS1 form completion
Instant generation of SEIS3/EIS3 certificates
Unlimited live chat and phone support from our team of legal and funding experts
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One capped price. Absolutely everything you need for a UK funding round.

Term Sheet, Shareholders Agreement, Articles, Board Minutes, SH01 and more

Unlimited Support

Your first funding round? No problem! Every package includes our legendary unlimited support from in-house lawyers and experts. Whatever you need, we're here to help. All included in one capped price.

80% Faster To Close

We've replaced emails, Word documents and spreadsheets, with a smart, fast and intuitive platform, to bring you everything you need to close your round in fraction of the time and cost that it used to take.

And So Much More

Close your round in multiple stages, take additional investment even after the round is closed, repay your Founder's Loan, sell some of your Founder Shares (at just 10% CGT) at any time, and more.

Frequently asked questions

How does the staged pricing work?
To start your funding round, sign up free and model your valuation and price per share, and get familiar with the legal terms investors will be using. Once you’re ready to send out your Term Sheet, you pay a low fee upfront (either £200 or £500 depending on the size of your round), with the remaining balance paid after you’ve received your investment. All our funding packages have flat, transparent pricing based on the size of your round, which includes expert support from our team of in-house lawyers every step of the way, for as long as it takes.
Does SeedLegals offer a discount for early stage startups?
SeedLegals already offers the best value service on the market, which uniquely includes unlimited support from our team of in-house lawyers under the same low flat fee. In addition, because SeedLegals makes the legal terms easy to understand, many of our companies’ investors find they don’t need to use their own lawyers to interpret the documents, meaning there is also a saving on investors’ legal fees, which would usually deducted from the investment and therefore paid for by the startup. In total this amounts to a cost saving of more than 50% compared with other legal services.
Can SeedLegals help find investors for my round?
We don’t help promote your fundraise to investors, but we’re more than happy to help shout about you and your company in our newsletter, social media and blog. If you’d like to be featured, give us a shout. We’re always looking for great content from people with big ideas.
My investors have a Term Sheet. Will it be compatible with SeedLegals?
Yes, it should be. A Term Sheet is simply a summary of the key deal terms for the funding round, so by sending you their Term Sheet they’re indicating the terms they’re looking for - e.g. an Investor Director right, pre-emption and drag along rights, etc. So if you receive a term sheet from a investor, you’ll go through it to extract their deal terms, then simply enter those in SeedLegals (if you agree with them!). In rare cases you may get requests for deal terms not supported by SeedLegals (sometimes for good reason), or terms you don’t agree with. That’s where our team of legal and funding experts come in - simply hit the chat button below, and we’ll help you make the right decisions, and add any agreed terms.
How customisable are SeedLegals documents?
We designed SeedLegals using data from hundreds of deals to cater to pretty much any deal term requested by investors or founders. It’s rare there’s a deal term that our platform doesn’t already support (at least a deal term that you’d want to agree to!). To give an idea of the level of sophistication we support, our Shareholders Agreement and Articles are built using over 500 conditionals, each crafted based on analysis of hundreds of deals. Our platform has seen more deals than any lawyer, and remembers them all! In the rare case that we don’t support a particular set of wording or deal term, the platform provides free-form ‘additional items’ sections. And, when we come across an investor with their own preferred wording, we add their wording as a 1-click drop list option on SeedLegals, so any future investees will be able to select all their usual wording in one click. Basically, whatever you need, we make it happen.

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