Dramatically reduce deal completion time and cost

SeedLegals’ intuitive Term Negotiator lets you instantly zone in on key terms, compare offers, evaluate outcomes and make counter-offers.

Perfect for lead investors. Just click to accept individual terms or make a counter-offer. Swapping track-changes documents to negotiate deal terms is sooo over. You’ll never want to trade a redlined Word doc again.


Dynamic cap table modelling

See how much each party’s shares are worth at different strike prices and company valuations.

No more futzing around with complex Excel spreadsheets, our dynamic cap table modeller does it all.

Use cap table and exit scenario modelling in conjunction with the Term Negotiator to instantly see the value of each proposal at different prices and exits.


Compare key terms, not redlined docs

A legal document is a lot of wording to encapsulate a few variables. SeedLegals gets rid of the padding and lets you focus on the key terms.

Terms are logically grouped with automatic defaults for each company growth stage. And with instant tutorial assistance and expert guidance to guide every decision.


Make data-driven decisions

We're using data to revolutionise legals.

Today each contract is an island, unable to benefit from the wisdom of others. SeedLegals’ parameter-driven approach allows it to analyse hundreds of deals and show the distribution of each common choice, and how founder- or investor-friendly each option is.

Our data-driven approach dramatically reduces deal completion time, educates each party on what they can reasonably agree to, and provides you with data points across hundreds of deals, essential for optimising future investments.


Your real-time investment dashboard

Cap table, exit modelling, people, company documents, all in one place.

SeedLegals is the source of the company’s documents with secure sharing of documents, shareholders and cap table to selected directors, shareholders and investors only. So this is the place to access upcoming deals and documents and agreements not yet filed with Companies House, and which will never be filed with Companies House.


Your portfolio, all in one place

Get your portfolio companies onto SeedLegals and you’ll never need to go hunting around for documents, share certificates and investment information again.

Whether you’re an investor, director, shareholder or employee in one company or many, your SeedLegals dashboard gives you all the key details you need at a glance, notifications and actions for each company, links to documents, cap tables, contracts and in-progress deal term negotiations.

Your one-stop investment home.