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Free checklist: due diligence for startups

When you take investment capital from investors, you’re at risk of financial crime.  Download our free checklist in collaboration with Themis so you know how to protect yourself and do your due diligence properly when fundraising. 

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Check that cheque: know how to protect yourself from financial crime

There are many ways to obtain capital for your business, from grants and tax credits to angels to VCs. But not all money is equal, and not all companies and investors are who they say they are.

Whether you’re a fundraising startup or an investor, taking or giving money comes with responsibility. You might be alert for scams landing in your inbox or phone messages, but what anti-financial crime measures do you have in place for your fundraising?

We’ve partnered with anti-financial crime experts Themis to help you identify and assess your risk of exposure to financial crime. We share our expert insights for startups covering the due diligence you must undertake on potential investors

In this checklist, Eliza Thompson, researcher specialist at Themis explains the financial crime risks that founders and investors face when working together, and how due diligence helps keep your business safe from financial, legal or reputational damage.

Download the checklist to:

Understand the potential financial crime risks you face

Learn the do’s and don’ts of due diligence

Know how to identify red flags 

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