Powerful Cap Table Management for Startups

From planning your startup, to capturing founder and early employee ownership to negotiating a round, SeedLegals is a fast, easy tool designed for founders, not cap table experts.

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Track Ownership of Your Company

No More Number Crunching

The SeedLegals cap table automatically updates each time new shares or investment contracts are finalised. 

Your Data Three Ways

Sort your shareholders by share class, voting power and funding round.

Issue New Shares in One Click

Create hiring contracts with in-built vesting schedules and generate share certificates for new investors in one click.

Manage Your Shareholders

Option Pools Made Simple

Easily add a pre-money option pool so your share capital is 100% accurate before you start your next round.

Powerful Round & Exit Modelling

Enter an exit price and see payouts for every stakeholder your company. SeedLegals gives you the tools and knowledge you need before you negotiate with investors.

Easy Collaboration

Grant full access to your co-founders, advisors or investors. Send an angel investor or employee a summary view of your cap table. Revoke access anytime.