Find InvestorsTop 17 Most Active Angel Groups in London
Noelle Baquiche
Head of Growth at SeedLegals
November 7, 2017

Here are the angel groups, networks and syndicates that have invested most in London startups across 2016 / 2017 

24 Haymarket

Typically invests between £100k and £3.5m

Angel Investment Network

Investment ranges between £10k and £10m from over 100,000 registered investors.

Angels Den Angel Network

Investments typically range between £30k - £600k. The fund provides pitching and 'SpeedFunding' events as part of its Angel Club package, which includes pitch coaching, a half hour pitch at a Club event, and the opportunity to meet the angel network.

Angels in MedCity

Typically invests between £100k and £1m in the healthcare, medical technology and life sciences sectors.

Cambridge Angels

The network typically invests between £50k and £1m although it may well commit further funds over several rounds.


Cambridge Capital Group

Typically invests between £50k and £1m. CCG  provides investment for technology development and for the commercialisation of intellectual property.

Clearly Social Angels

Typically invests between £150k and £1.5m. As well as funding, they also provides business support and financial advisory services including business plan review and financial projections.


Fig works with companies across any sector, typically looking to raise £500k to £5m.


Typically invests between $300k and $2m with an average fundraising size of £957k. The average stake taken by investors is 26.4% at a £3.01m pre-money valuation.

FSE Angel Group

Typically invests between £10k and £500k. The fund invests in companies at the following stages post proof of concept and at or close to revenue generation in addition to later stage revenue generation.

Galvanise Capital

Galvanise Capital is an angel syndicate focusing on high growth start ups in the digital space. Typically invests between £150k and £1m.

Green Angel Syndicate

The fund's preferred investment size is between £250k and £500k with a strong focus on the green energy space, but will consider all kinds of green technologies.

Hotspurs Capital Partners

Typically invests between £500k and £2m. The average stake taken by investors is 26.0% at a £1.84m pre-money valuation.

London Business Angels (now Newable)

London Business Angels was acquired by Newable in 2017. Newable invests in SEIS/EIS qualifying startups, raising between £250k - £2.5m, typically with a B2B focus.

Minerva Business Angel Network

Typically invests between £25k and £500k. The average stake taken by investors is 29.1% at a £1.88m pre-money valuation.

Mustard Seed Impact

Typically invests up to £1m in startups with both a strong commercial and social impact element.

Wild Blue Cohort

WBC typically co-invest with other angel groups in rounds of £150k - £1m. In addition to growth capital they provide mentorship programmes, office space, and access to its network of investors and entrepreneurs.

Did you know?

8 out of 10 UK angel investments are made under  SEIS/EIS. You can find out if you qualify to raise under SEIS/EIS, and apply for SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance from HMRC on SeedLegals.

Noelle Baquiche
Head of Growth at SeedLegals
November 7, 2017