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Top 30 UK Angel Investors in Healthcare, Biotech and Life Sciences

Published:  Mar 14, 2019
Michael Stresing

30 angel groups, networks and syndicates that invest in health focused startups:

Angel Investment Network


Angel Investment Network is a global angel network that promotes fundraises to its members ranging in size between £10k and £10m.




24Haymarket is a UK and Europe focussed fund, which typically offers fundraises to its members ranging in size between £500k and £5m.


Angels 5k Club

South East, UK

Angels 5k Club is a fund investing in UK businesses with talented individuals, disruptive ideas, and high growth potential.


Angels in MedCity


Angels in MedCity is a healthcare, medical technology and life sciences specific fund, investing typically between £100k and £2m in scalable SEIS and EIS businesses preferably in London and the South East.


Angels Invest Wales


Angels Invest Wales invests  in companies based-in, or planning to move to, Wales.


Anglia Capital Group

East of England

Anglia Capital Group is a food, biotech, agritech and specialist engineering sector focused fund, investing in businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk.


Apollo Informal Investment

East of Scotland

Apollo Informal Investment is a fund which invests between typically between £20k and £100k in companies based in Scotland. (They also invest indirectly alongside other companies into companies that do not meet their criteria).



East of Scotland

Archangels is a technology and life sciences, including software development, alternative energy, biopharmaceuticals and bionics fund. They invest between £50k and £2m, typically between £250k and £500k, in businesses based in Scotland, and preferably within the Central Belt.


Cambridge Angels

East of England

Cambridge Angels is a cleantech, biotech or other hi-tech sectors focused fund, which invests between £50k and £1m in high-quality entrepreneurs presenting solutions that address major problems for significantly large target markets.


Cambridge Capital Group

East of England

Cambridge Capital Group is a technology sector fund, with a focus on Cleantech, Healthcare, Med-tech, New materials, and Process technologies. They typically invest between £100k and £2m in companies in the East of England, East Midlands, London and the South East.


CO Angel Investment

North West

CO Angel Investment is a fund which invests between £25k and £2m in companies throughout Greater Manchester and the North West


Discovery Investment Fund


Discovery Investment Fund typically invests between £100k and £500k in businesses based in Scotland.




Envestors is an angel network which invests between £500k and £10m in businesses in the UK and the Channel Islands.They require a full-time management team with a strong track record, and EIS- eligibility is preferred.


EOS Technology Investment Syndicate


EOS is a science and technology focused angel syndicate, which typically invests between £20k and £500k into businesses operating in software, oil and gas, renewables, bio-medical, and marine sectors based in Scotland. It will consider opportunities elsewhere in the UK.


Equity Gap

East of Scotland

Equity Gap typically invests between £20k and £500k in companies based in Scotland. They do not invest where extensive R&D is needed before product sales, and seek scalable growth prospects to create income stream of at least £5m within 3 to 5 years.


Gabriel Investments Syndicate

West of Scotland

Gabriel Investments Syndicate offer a minimum of £40k investment to companies preferably in new markets or with new products.


Harvard Business School Angels of London


The HBSA typically invests between $100k and $2m in UK or foreign based companies.


Henley Business Angels

South East

Henley Business Angels invests between £50k and £250k in business with a connection to University of Reading and Henley Business School. The fund focuses on businesses in the Thames Valley region.


Highland Venture Capital

Highlands and Islands

Highland Venture Capital typically invests between £75k and £1m in Scotland-based businesses, but has a preference for those based in the Highlands. The fund prefers products with some sort of IP protection.


Investing Women

East of Scotland

Investing Women typically invests between £50k and £250k. Businesses must be based in Scotland.




InvestUK is a fund for UK businesses, which invests a minimum of £200k and typically up to £2m.


Kelvin Capital

West of Scotland

Kelvin Capital invests in companies whose main focus is on technology-based products and software companies, across the UK.


London & Scottish Investment Partners

East of Scotland

LSIP typically invests between £300k and £500k in life sciences, technology, oil and gas, food and drink, and manufacturing businesses in the UK. The fund is particularly interested in strong intellectual property.


Minerva Business Angel Network

West Midlands

Minerva invests between £25k and £500k in West Midlands based companies, with a preference for technology sectors.


Mustard Seed


Mustard Seed typically invest between £100k and £1m, with an interest in environmental sustainability, education, family and community health, and economic inclusion.


Newable Private Investing


Newable Private Investing (previously London Business Angels) typically invests between £150k and £2.5m. They focus on technology sectors, including Cyber Med-Tech: Devices and Diagnostics Space, and downstream data technologies.


Oxfordshire Investment Opportunity Network (OION)

South East

OION angel network invests between £200k and £2m in technology companies situated in Oxfordshire and Thames Valley regions.




QVentures focuses on UK and European companies across technology, media, luxury, and consumer markets. They typically invests between £25k and £2m.



South of Scotland

TRICAPTIAL invests primarily in companies in Scotland and the North of England in the following industries: IT, Engineering, Textiles, Biomedical devices, Optoelectronics.


Wild Blue Cohort


Wild Blue Cohort typically invest up to £1m in companies based in West London, with a focus on Kensington and Chelsea.


Did you know?

8 out of 10 UK angel investments are made under  SEIS/EIS. You can find out if you qualify to raise under SEIS/EIS, and apply for SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance from HMRC on SeedLegals.

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