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We close more early-stage funding rounds in the UK than anyone else, so we know what it takes to attract investors. Create your page to share with investors today.

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  • tickSet up your engaging Pitch page in just a few clicks
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Easily share your Pitch page as a link

No need to send emails with large file attachments, or force investors to download files. With Pitch, all the info about your company is in one convenient webpage.

  • tickSend the link to share your pitch - no need to send huge files by email
  • tickUpdate your Pitch page in real-time - no out-dated information
  • tickStore everything in one place - clean and clutter-free
Tools for founders

Monitor progress with the Investor Tracker

To view your page, investors click to confirm their status as a sophisticated or high net worth investor. (This is important because your Pitch page is a financial promotion.) Then you can easily track who’s interested in your company and keep tabs on your progress with the built-in Investor Tracker.

  • tickGet a message when an investor registers interest
  • tickView details for all interested investors in one place
  • tickAdd notes and update the status for each investor

Create your perfect Pitch page

Get started today - you can add all these features to your page or just a few, it’s up to you

  • Icon Logo

    Logo and branding

    Add your logo and choose a colour scheme to match your brand
  • Icon Overview

    Company overview

    State your company concept, size and location
  • Icon Funding Round

    Funding round overview

    Add details of your upcoming round - target amount, valuation, S/EIS eligibility and closing date
  • Icon Link

    Web and social media links

    Add links to your website, LinkedIn, Insta, Twitter and more
  • Icon Rocket

    Elevator pitch

    Grab attention by explaining your business in 150 characters
  • Icon Video

    Pitch video

    Add the link to your video to bring your page to life
  • Icon Pitch Deck

    Pitch deck

    Add your PDF slides for investors to view and download
  • Icon People

    About the founders

    Add names, bios and social media handles
  • Create your free Pitch page with SeedLegals - how it works

    • Log in or register

      Log into SeedLegals and go to Pitch

    • Create your Pitch page

      Update, edit or remove your Pitch page whenever you like

    • Share your Pitch

      Send the link to potential investors - no need to email huge files

    • Investors view your Pitch

      To view your page, investors click to confirm their status as a 'sophisticated' or 'high net worth' investor. This is important because your Pitch page is a financial promotion.

    • Investors register interest

      When an investor hits the 'I'm interested' button, you'll get a notification by email

    • Track progress

      Use the Investor Tracker to view interest, add notes and update status of investors

    FAQs - Pitch Page

    • What is SeedLegals Pitch?

      With Pitch page, you can quickly create a page to share with potential investors containing all the information about your company, proposition and funding round.

      It’s easy to add your details, pitch deck and video. You can update or hide your Pitch page whenever you like.

      To get started, log into SeedLegals and select Pitch in the left-hand menu.
    • How much does it cost to create a Pitch page on SeedLegals?

      It’s free!

      We charge for our services such as doing the legals for your funding round or helping you get SEIS Advance Assurance, but creating a Pitch page and using the Investor Tracker on SeedLegals is free of charge.
    • How do I create my Pitch page on SeedLegals?

      It’s easy - log in or register to get started. Go to Pitch in the left-hand bar and follow the steps.

      If you need any help, just click the chat bubble to message our friendly team.
    • Is SeedLegals Pitch a pitch deck template?

      No, Pitch enables you to create a page on SeedLegals which contains your company information at-a-glance for investors. You can add your pitch deck PDF to your Pitch page.

      Instead of having to email your pitch deck to investors, you can simply share the link to your Pitch page.
    • Who can view my Pitch page on SeedLegals?

      Because your Pitch page contains details about an investment opportunity, the page can’t be viewed by everyone. To view your page, potential investors must self-certify as a ‘High Net Worth Individual’ or ‘Sophisticated Investor’ - they’ll need to click to confirm this before they view your page.
    • Where can I see some example pitch decks?

      Great question! Check out these Pitch Deck Clinics - in the videos, our CEO Anthony Rose helps founders create a winning deck:
      SeedLegals | Pitch Deck Clinics »
    • I don’t have a pitch video - can I still use Pitch?

      Yes! However we strongly recommend you include a video because research suggests that pages with a video are significantly more likely to be engaged with by a potential investor.

      The video could be a simple recording of you presenting the pitch deck, or a full-blown cinematic film of the product and your vision for the future. If you don’t have a pitch video, you could add an explainer video showing how your product works.

      The important thing is to bring your story to life - and a video is a great way to do this.

      You can edit your Pitch Page at any time so if you create a pitch video later on, you can add it then.
    • Why is SeedLegals Pitch the best way to share my pitch with investors?

      The way founders communicate with potential investors is outdated. When you attach a big pitch deck file to an email, you have to write a message and subject line to try to entice the investor to open it - and that’s if the giant file even gets to their inbox. This method is old-fashioned, slow and ineffective for both founders and investors.

      With Pitch, you can create a concise and engaging proposition in just minutes - and you can share all your information with a potential investor by sending them just one link.

      If you’re already a Seedlegals member, it’s even easier to create a Pitch page because your page is automatically populated and updated with the company information held by SeedLegals.

      It isn’t just sharing your pitch that we’ve made easier - we’ve made it easier to track interest too. When an investor is interested in your pitch, you’ll get a notification with their details and email address. No need to keep a spreadsheet to log potential investors - our Investor Tracker does it for you. Just add notes and updates to track your progress.
    • Why is SeedLegals Pitch the best way for investors to view pitches from founders?

      With Pitch, investors can view up-to-date information all in one place. No need to hunt through emails or rummage in shared documents, with Pitch you send investors one link to your page containing all the information.

      If the investor is interested to find out more, it’s easy to fill in a few details to notify the founder.
    • Do I need to be an existing SeedLegals member to use Pitch??

      No, you can create a SeedLegals account and set up a Pitch Page anytime. Use your SeedLegals login to update your Pitch page and use the Investor Tracker.

      Want to see how it works? Ask us for a demo.
    • What format does my video need to be for Pitch page?

      At the moment, we only support videos hosted on Vimeo and the orientation must be landscape.

      To embed your video in your Pitch page, all you need is the URL.
    • What file format does my pitch deck need to be for Pitch?

      At the moment, we only support pitch decks in PDF format. If your deck is currently in a different format, you can save it as PDF, or try printing it as a PDF. Make sure it’s in landscape orientation.
    • If I create a Pitch page with SeedLegals, do I need to do my funding round on SeedLegals?

      No, how you choose to do your funding round is entirely up to you.
    • What else can I do with my SeedLegals Pitch page?

      Good question! We’re working on more updates to Pitch to make pitching and fundraising easier for founders and investors.

      When you create a Pitch page on SeedLegals, we’ll email you about any updates which we think you’ll be interested in. If you have any suggestions for improvements to Pitch, or any of our services, email us: [email protected]

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