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Pitch - Deliver your pitch to investors in one click

Published:  Nov 18, 2021
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

Want to make it super-easy for potential investors to see all the information about your company and upcoming funding round? Create your Pitch page on SeedLegals, share the link with investors, get notified when they’re interested, and turn that interest into investment.

Pitch is FREE for everyone. It takes just a few clicks to set up your page. You can then share your link with potential investors, get notified when they register interest, and monitor your progress with the Investor Tracker.

With Pitch, there’s no need to send investors your pitch deck by email and spend hours on admin. Here’s why Pitch is the best way to wow investors:

Pitching the old way is outdated

The way founders and investors interact is outdated. Often founders send lots of emails with the pitch deck as a big file attachment, clogging up the inbox of potential investors (if it even gets through to their inbox at all). Then what if you need to update the deck? You send yet another big file to your potential investors…

Sure, you could use a file share system – but forcing investors to download files might be more than they can be bothered to do. Keeping track of who’s had what, which version, and whether they replied… it’s an admin headache you don’t need.

On the other side, investors need the skills of a detective to hunt down all the information they need. There’s your website, social media and LinkedIn profiles, then your pitch deck, your financial info, details about your round. Many investors are talking to several companies at once so they have to maintain extensive records to keep track of where they are in all their conversations.

Wow investors with your Pitch page

Get started

Present your info all in one place

Make it easy for yourself and your investors by presenting the information investors need all in one place. You can ping them the link to your Pitch page by email or text, and update your page anytime.

You can add some or all of these features to your Pitch page:

  • Logo and branding
    Add your logo and choose a colour scheme to match your Pitch page to your company brand
  • Company overview
    State your company concept, size and location
  • Funding round overview
    Add details of your upcoming round – target amount, valuation, S/EIS eligibility and closing date
  • Web and social media links
    Add links to your website, LinkedIn, Insta, Twitter and more
  • Elevator pitch
    Grab investors’ attention by explaining your business in 150 characters
  • Pitch video
    Add the link to your video to bring your page to life
  • Pitch deck
    Add your PDF slides for investors to view and download
  • About the founders
    Add names, bios and social media handles

If you’re already a SeedLegals member, we’ll automatically populate your page with information we have.

The most engaging pitches contain as many of these features as possible. If you don’t have a pitch video, no problem – you can add a product explainer, an intro to your team or simply a recording of you presenting your pitch deck.

Keep track of potential investors

Pitch includes a built-in Investor Tracker. You’ll get a notification every time an investor registers their interest in your company and their details automatically appear in the Tracker. You can add notes and status updates for each investor.

Log your progress with the Investor Tracker
Log your progress with the Investor Tracker

Ready to create your Pitch?

It’s FREE – all you need is a SeedLegals login. To get started, register or log into SeedLegals and go to Pitch on the left side-bar.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can improve Pitch, or any of our services, email us: [email protected] – we love to hear from you.



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