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The Top 5 Best Crowdfunding Videos

Published:  Nov 26, 2019
Noelle Baquiche

In any fundraising campaign, a stellar video is an essential part. So much so, that some crowdfunding platforms will not let you launch without one! It’s your chance to convey your brand story and why it’s a great idea to back your product and invest in your company.

We asked recently funded startups on SeedLegals for the crowdfunding videos they took the most inspiration from when creating theirs. Here are their picks of the top 5 best crowdfunding campaign videos: 


The Atari crowdfunding video for Indiegogo

Type of crowdfunding: rewards
Platform: Indiegogo
Money raised: $2,955,311
Number of backers: 11,215

Why it works

Atari has been a part of many people’s childhood and the way this new product is presented awakens that nostalgia. With the 80’s being so fashionable, they hit the right time to launch their crowdfunding campaign. Other things working for the video:

  • Showing the product prominently 
  • Showing the ‘behind the scenes’ – the backers love it!
  • Bringing a modern twist to a classic


The Chip crowdfunding video for Crowdcube

Type of crowdfunding: equity
Platform: Crowdcube
Money raised: £3,807,590
Number of investors: 6,535

Why it works

In this record-breaking campaign, Chip shows us how humour can be used very effectively to convince us to invest. The slightly longer-than-ideal length of the video (3:20) is more than compensated by a really pacy and funny script. Other things working for the video:

  • Touches the main points you’d expect on an equity round: market, solution, traction, team, lead investors… and even some ‘news’
  • The charming vintage stock footage
  • Simon’s grandma produces a stellar performance


Made in Hackney video for Crowdfunder

Company: Made in Hackney, a vegan community kitchen
Type of crowdfunding: rewards/donation
Money raised: £76,693
Number of backers: 553

Why it works

The video shows that you don’t need to have a huge budget to tell a compelling story. The video conveys the message of the great impact they’re having on their community and compels the audience to help in their next phase. Other things working for the video:

  • Show and don’t tell: we can see the cooking lessons and community eating
  • Beneficiary stories bring the message to life
  • The founder drives the video – remember that people trust people!

Tropicfeel crowdfunding video Kickstarter

Type of crowdfunding: rewards
Platform: Kickstarter
Money raised: €2,140,416
Number of backers: 26,284

Why it works

The video shows the features of Tropicfeel shoes (which could have been a bit boring by itself) in a context of aspirational situations and environment: amazing cities and beautiful outdoors. Other things working for the video:

  • Ideal length: just under 2 minutes
  • The use of drone footage make the outdoor images look stunning
  • Uplifting music


Cocoro crowdfunding video for Crowdcube

Company: Cocoro
Type of crowdfunding: equity
Platform: Crowdcube
Money raised: £361,080
Number of investors: 366

Why it works

Talking about periods is no easy thing: you risk either to alienate your viewers or resort to the cheesy analogies of the archetypical TV ads. With this video, Cocoro shows that they know how to walk the right line and solve the environmental problems of the current solutions with technology and feminism. Other things working for the video:

  • Vibrant colours through the whole video
  • A subtle sense of humour that raises the mood
  • A clear call to action


In conclusion…

Coming up with a good crowdfunding video is an art. But learning from these examples we can start to see some themes. You have to cover the basics (of your product, service or investment opportunity), express your brand (through the music, tone of voice and imagery), give it a slight touch of humour and bring it home with a strong call to action (CTA).

All of that in ideally around 2 minutes to keep the audience engaged.

If you have a budget, spend it on a tight script (like Chip) or stunning footage (Tropicfeel).

But if you don’t, you can still convey your message clearly and persuasively as Cocoro and Made in Hackney do.

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