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SeedLegals helps CurveBlock claim back thousands from the R&D Tax Credits scheme

Published:  Sep 13, 2021
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Anoushka Gupta

Curveblock logo

Industry: Real estate fintech

Number of successful claims through SeedLegals: 2

Time taken to write the R&D claim: 3-4 hours

Fee Saved: 25%

What does Curveblock do?

CurveBlock allows everyone to earn passive income by investing in carbon zero, energy positive home development.

What R&D activity did you undertake?

Our tech stack will integrate distributed ledger, digital equity, web and mobile features. It brings liquidity into a traditionally illiquid asset class and will be traded on our proprietary regulated exchange. 

Our development projects will be zero carbon, energy positive to eliminate emissions and power both the users home and vehicle indefinitely. All homes will contribute to the electric grid instead of taking from it. 

What challenges did you face with regards to your R&D claim?

It is very difficult to fully understand the HMRC guidelines with regards to the R&D scheme . 

Because of the complexity of the guidelines, and since we didn’t want to risk making mistakes with HMRC, it was crucial for us to work with experts who understand the process. 

Further, it was important for us to work with experts we can trust, and we can ask them all the questions we want. 

How did SeedLegals help you to overcome the challenges mentioned?

I didn’t have the time, knowledge or ability to write the claim so SeedLegals helped me write the claim. SeedLegals gave me guidance on exactly what is required for a successful claim and what questions need to be answered, and they made the process very personal. They also answered all the questions I had regarding the process. One of the best things with working with SeedLegals is the personal touch added to their service. We have a good relationship with SeedLegals so we had total faith in them and we trusted the service. 

Finally, the pricing (5% of the claim) of the R&D service is fair, which made it a no brainer for us.


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