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SeedLegals Term Sheet Clinic

Published:  Jan 8, 2021
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

Investor sent you a term sheet? Congrats! Welcome to the Term Sheet Clinic where we’ll show you what each term means, which are okay to agree to and which to push back on.

When you’re doing an SEIS/EIS round with angel investors, the founders normally lead by generating the Term Sheet with the proposed deal terms and sending it to the investors. But on larger rounds with a fund or VC investor, the investor may well send you their Term Sheet. When that happens you’ll go through their Term Sheet to understand the deal terms they’re asking for, then enter those into SeedLegals.

Anthony Rose, Founder & CEO of SeedLegals picks apart a term sheet and explains each section. Anthony’s advice is based on years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and seeing hundreds of pitch decks at SeedLegals.

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