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Pitch Deck Clinic with Soil Ecology Laboratory

Published:  Jan 10, 2021
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

Welcome to the Pitch Deck Clinic where we help founders create a winning pitch deck.

Each session Anthony Rose, Founder & CEO of SeedLegals gently picks apart a pitch deck and gives honest feedback to the founder. And, we video it so you can benefit too. Anthony’s recommendations are based on years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and seeing hundreds of pitch decks at SeedLegals.

Today we meet Daniel from Soil Ecology Laboratory who’s replacing agricultural chemicals with biology. That’s what we love at SeedLegals, we meet amazing people who are working to make the world a better place. Watch this information-packed episode, which ends with Daniel giving us a quick tour of his farm lab in the English countryside. Now that’s a pitch with a difference!

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