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Keepabl: Building an award-winning SaaS company with VC backing

Published:  Sep 28, 2020
Isabella Ghassemi Smith

Keepabl built an award winning GDPR solution that landed them a Seed round with VC backing in just over a year. 

In today’s Entrepreneur Edition, we meet Robert Baugh, founder and CEO of Keepabl – the leading SaaS compliance company making GDPR superfast, transparent and reliable.  

Here’s a summary of all the key points covered in the interview (and timestamps in case you want to skip to your favourite part!)

0:00 – 4:18The road to starting Keepabl – from law to SaaS compliance
4:18 – 7:05 The importance of your brand in building customer trust
7:05 – 10:31Word of mouth – your strongest marketing strategy
10:31 – 13:00Marketing strategy to build a brand for a compliance company
13:00 – 17:31GDPR Compliance – a new part of business as usual
17:31 – 20:13 Consulting – the best form of market research
20:13 – 22:55How to reach perfect product market fit – a customer led product
22:55 – 24:45Balancing between smart money and capital
24:45 – 26:38 The right investors for a SaaS compliance business
26:38 – 28:24How to fundraise in 3 months
28:24 – 29:00 Using SeedLegals from a lawyer’s perspective
29:00 – 30:31 Options – vesting people into your company
30:31 – 33:42 Corona – an opportunity to review and improve
33:42 – 36:26Agile funding – the way to raise in lockdown
36:26 – 39:26Key to being a sole founder – have the right support
39:26 – End Building the core team

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