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Founder: Christopher Platts, Thrivemap

Published:  Feb 1, 2019

ThriveMap, a recruitment software tool that rates the ‘culture fit’ between job candidates and potential employers, recently closed £130,000 worth of investment on SeedLegals.

Backed by Belron, the start-up was a winner of the Belron Drive accelerator and Lmarks early stage investment fund.

Aiming to help organisations make better hiring decisions, ThriveMap sets to differentiate itself from personality or behavioural tests by using a proprietary survey and algorithm based on “cutting edge research” to best assess how a job-seeker will fit into a particular team or company.

Founded in London in 2015, the start-up currently operates out of Croydon-based workspace TMRW and recently landed US giant Dolby as a client.

ThriveMap says it will use the fresh funds to build API integrations, drive market awareness, and pursue a “ground-breaking new feature”.

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