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Interview with Mike Donovan, Founder of BrushBox

Published:  Feb 1, 2019
Noelle Baquiche

I caught up with Mike Donovan, Founder of Brushbox – the UK’s first personalised tooth-care subscription-box service that recently closed their first funding round on SeedLegals.

What is Brushbox?

BrushBox is the UK’s first toothbrush and toothpaste subscription service designed specifically to the individual- revolutionising oral care and delivering beautiful, functional products to those that need them.

Where is it based?

We’re based in Cardiff and currently participating in Natwest’s Entrepreneurial Spark programme.  We are also active participants in the Welsh Government’s Accelerated Growth Programme, designed for rapidly expanding, high growth companies.

Why did you start BrushBox?

I founded Brushbox with the goal of changing the way people think about, and look after their teeth.

We all care about our teeth, and yet 70% of us here in the UK fail to replace our toothbrush when we are supposed to and the consequences of this are quite shocking.  We created a simple solution for those with a busy lifestyle to have a simple and convenient way to ensure a healthy mouth, and a beautiful smile.

For every toothbrush we sell, we promise to gift a toothbrush to someone who needs one here in the UK. We intend to implement a step change in improving the oral health for current and future generations.

What funding have you received so far?

We raised £250K from friends, dental experts and angel investors, including international rugby star and commentator Martyn Williams MBA. We’d heard that SeedLegals had automated the funding process and could dramatically shorten the time it takes to complete a round from months down to days. We were keen to get started and were thrilled to complete just seven days later!

How did you finding using SeedLegals?

It was our first funding round, and because some investors were personal friends as well as professional contacts it was really important to have the legals make sense for everybody and not take up everyone’s time. SeedLegals made it effortless for everyone involved – just a great way to do it, and literally at a fraction of the cost of what we were being quoted by lawyers.

What’s next on the horizon?

The feedback we’ve received to date has been exceptional and we’ve got some exciting plans and interesting tricks up our sleeve for 2018, so watch this space!

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