As part of the SeedLegals Content team, Kirsty is on a mission to build up a bank of resources for founders.

She started her career at a busy marketing agency, writing and editing for brands big and small. It was there she discovered a joy for getting deep into the detail; no high-fashion ‘trouser’ was too indescribable, no prescription-only pet food too scientific.

Kirsty swapped agency life for in-house writer positions in financial services companies including Saxo Markets, producing educational content for experienced day traders and newbie investors alike. Now at SeedLegals she’s keen to turn her focus to the other side of the investment equation and demystify all aspects of startup life.

When Kirsty isn’t having spirited debates about comma and hyphen placement, you can find her curled up with a book, hanging with friends’ dogs or taking her chances with new recipes.