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Building Europe's Largest CBD Marketplace in 6 Months

Published:  Jul 29, 2020
Isabella Ghassemi Smith

Thinking of starting a marketplace? Learn how Alphagreen built Europe’s largest CBD marketplace in less than 6 months

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Meet Alexej Pikovsky, CEO & Co-Founder of Alphagreen – Europe’s largest CBD marketplace

Alexej, previously in private equity and VC, launched Alphagreen 6 months ago, in that time they’ve gone on to dominate the CBD & cannabis marketplace. 

Alexej offers top tips from his years of experience on picking your market, creating a business model, building a marketplace and more… 

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0:00 – 0:49Background
0:49 – 1:53From private equity to venture capital to CBD & cannabis
1:53 – 2:47CBD & cannabis: Picking a marketplace
2:47 – 4:09US vs. Europe: How to operate internationally
4:09 – 5:11International growth
5:11 – 8:40Building a marketplace
8:40 – 11:18Business model shifts: From a marketplace to a platform
11:18 – 13:10Adding value: Creating a tech-enabled service
13:10 – 14:41The CBD customer base
14:41 – 15:26Sourcing the right brands: How to carry out due diligence
15:26 – 18:23How the team and the idea came together at the same time
18:23 – 19:59Having freedom as a startup and using investor expertise
19:59 – 21:09How to measure the success of your company
21:09 – 23:05Reputation and raising investment
23:05 – 27:16Benefits of using SeedLegals
27:16 – EndFinal advice

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