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AgeCurve: a longevity investment story during the time of a pandemic

Published:  Sep 8, 2020
Isabella Ghassemi Smith

How old are you, or rather, how old are you biologically?

Meet AgeCurve, the company that gives you everything you need to know about your biological age from the safety of your own home.

In this episode of the Entrepreneur Edition,  we meet Attila Csordas, Founder & CEO of AgeCurve who turned a childhood passion into a successful venture.

To find out how Attila had investors lining up to invest in his digital health company, watch the interview!

If you’re short on time, here’s a breakdown of the key sections:

0:05 – 5:13The beginning of AgeCurve: a childhood passion
5:13 – 7:29Overcoming barriers to market entry
7:29 – 9:07The science behind AgeCurve
9:07 – 11:08What can I expect as an end user?
11:08 – 16:03Is ignorance bliss, or are people actively looking into their health?
16:03 – 17:59How important is it to protect your idea in digital health?
17:59 – 20:28Building your customer base
20:28 – 22:35The road to finding your investors
22:35 – 24:51Why investors lined up to invest in AgeCurve
24:51 – 27:32 Picking the right investor: finding patient money
27:32 – 28:59Building strong investor relationships
28:59 – 30:35Closing your round on SeedLegals
30:35 – 31:46Rewarding your core employees with options
30:35 – ENDStrengths as a CEO & lessons learnt

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