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The Family Partnership
Événements Published:  Sep 23, 2020 1 min read

The Family signs with SeedLegals to streamline early-stage investments

How many startups have struggled to cope with the legal requirements that come with fundraising, granting stock options to employees, or even just keeping their cap tables up to date? Way too many. But now The Family and SeedLegals are tackling the issue by standardizing legal operations for cohort startups thanks to market-leading technology.

SeedLegals offers a unique one-stop-shop platform that enables founders to automatically generate all the legal documentation needed to start and grow their business. Founders, investors and employees negotiate terms and sign contracts online, which dramatically improves the reliability, transparency and speed of deal-making. No paper – everything’s done digitally on the platform, leveraging the best industry standards and the very large dataset that SeedLegals has collected across thousands of funding rounds. 

The Family is known as one of the most disruptive accelerators in Europe. From Algolia to Agricool, The Family has a proven track record of helping to grow and scale some of the most ambitious and creative startups in Europe. Now they want to go one step further and automate business processes for their cohort companies on SeedLegals, enabling founders to save time and money on legal structuring, focusing instead on execution. 

The Family and SeedLegals have been working together for some time in the UK and will now extend their collaboration to the French ecosystem.

Looking to launch or scale your startup? The Family and SeedLegals have you covered and will be with you every step of the way. 

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