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Spend more time on business, not legals

SeedLegals automates the legals startups and small businesses need, dramatically cutting down the time and expense companies used to spend with traditional lawyers and accountants. Trusted by more than 50,000 startups, small businesses and investors.

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30-days free subscription and S$100 off any fundraising product

Get investment ready, raise your next investment faster, grow and incentivise your team and manage your cap table with SeedLegals!

Exclusive to Mastercard® Business cardholders, get our Startup Essentials Subscription for 30-days free and S$100 off the purchase of any fundraising product with our Priceless Specials promo code.

How to redeem

  • Complete and submit the form to book an onboarding call with SeedLegals
  • On your onboarding call, SeedLegals will apply the offer code to your account
  • Start, raise and grow with SeedLegals
  • 50,000+

    startups and investors on SeedLegals

  • 2,000+

    funding rounds, cap tables & share option schemes

  • US$1.5B+

    raised on SeedLegals

  • Startup Essentials Subscription

    Essential automated legals

    Easily create the exact legals you need to hire, reward your team and get ready for your first investment with our Startup Essentials Subscription.

    • Create your founder agreements
    • Build and reward your team
    • Protect your startup’s secret sauce
    • Keep tabs on who owns what
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    Raise before a round

    Raise faster with agile fundraising

    Raise investment before a funding round in minutes with our SeedFAST advanced subscription agreements and SeedNOTE convertible loan note fundraising products.

    • SeedFAST, perfect for investments
    • SeedNOTE, perfect for more complex deal terms

    Want to know exactly how much your agile fundraising will cost? Check out our pricing.

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  • Quotes
  • The reality is you’re on a journey; fundraising is so much about the narrative. SeedLegals allows you to tell the right story at the right time with the right legal documents for different types of investors.

    Louise Doherty
    Founder & CEO
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  • Quotes
  • There’s an opportunity to reach a specialist advisor via chat, phone and email too to check in on any of this. The SeedLegals team were extremely responsive – really amazing.

    Emilie Vanpoperinghe
  • Terms & Conditions
    • The Offer entitles Mastercard Business cardholders to 30-days free Startup Essentials Subscription and S$100 credit towards the purchase of a one-off product (including but not limited to SeedFAST and SeedNOTE).
    • The Offer is valid for any Mastercard Business cardholders who register for an account on SeedLegals from 1 February 2022 to 31 January 2023 (both dates inclusive) and is limited to one redemption per account for first-time customers only.
    • The Offer can only be redeemed through this page and by completing the booking form and booking a call with a SeedLegals representative who will assist in onboarding you and applying the offer code.
    • Offer is not valid with any other promotions, offers, loyalty programs, vouchers and/or discounts.
    • Offer cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.
    • If you have any questions or would like more information, drop us a line by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of this page or any SeedLegals web page.

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