Zero to Term Sheet in 60 Minutes

February 27th 2018Runway East, 10 Finsbury Square | Moorgate | London

Join us for our Build Your Term Sheet event where we help every attendee generate their own term sheet, there and then! These sessions are essential for any startup looking to fundraise soon. We have live Q&A with expert investors, entrepreneurs and legal advisers to give you the perfect blend of investor, founder and lawyer perspectives when creating your term sheet.

Who it's for

This session is ideal for startups looking to raise between £100k - £1m or angel investors who are new to investing and would like to create their own Term Sheet for their syndicate or upcoming investment.

Workshop Overview

We will take you through all the key deal points investors will negotiate with you, get you up to speed on the terminology, help you select the deal points that are right for your round and finally help you create your own custom Term Sheet right on SeedLegals, ready to share with your investors.

Hosted By

Anthony Rose
Founder & CEO of SeedLegals
Serial entrepreneur and ‘The man behind BBC iPlayer’; Anthony has founded and sold multiple startups.

What you Get

1. Step-by-step guidance to Term Sheet negotiations - avoid pitfalls and common mistakes
2. Understand founder-friendly terms, and making sure the investment terms are in your favour
3. A free custom Term Sheet on SeedLegals, tailored to the exact specs of your round (RRP £500)
4. Free access to SeedLegals Base Plan for 3 months 
5. An overview of the entire legal process for a funding round

What You'll Need

1. A laptop to create your term sheet on
2. A SeedLegals account (Sign up free in advance)

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