The 25 Step Guide to Completing Your First Funding Round

Your Funding Round Checklist: Here's Everything You'll Need To Do Before You Can Get Back To Running Your Business

We prepared this handy overview of all the things you’ll need to do for a seed funding round. Some items are things you can complete right here using the SeedLegals platform, others are just advice or links to further reading.


Get Investment Ready 


1. Get Knowledgable On The Legal Process and Jargon

2. Decide What Deal Terms Your are Looking For

3. Find The Right Investors to Pitch To

4. Get Investment Ready: Prepare Your Pitch Deck

5. Check Whether You Qualify for SEIS / EIS

6. Negotiate With Your Potential Investors

Agree the Deal


7. Create Your New Articles of Incorporation

8. Build Cap Table to Reflect Existing and New Shareholding

9. Create Shareholders & Subscription Agreement

10. Key Team Members to Sign IP Assignment Agreement

11. Team to Sign Employment & Service Agreements

Close The Deal


12. Complete The Disclosure Letter

13. Complete Representations & Warranties

14. Hold Board Meeting To Approve Funding and Share issue

15. Create a Shareholders' Resolution

16. Inform Shareholders and Investors What’s Needed From Them

17. Get Deal Approval

18. Sign Shareholders Agreement

19. Send Signed Forms to all Parties for Countersigning

20. All Parties Return Countersigned Forms

21. Investors Deposit Investment in Escrow Account

22. Create, Sign and Send Out Shareholder Certificates

23. Update Your Company Share Register

24. File SH01 Form With Companies House

25. Get back to your real business!