Smart, simple, fast.

We built SeedLegals to make startup law the way it should be

  • Generate contracts in minutes
  • Sign in one tap on the go
  • Hire your team and protect your IP
  • Manage your option pool & shareholders
  • Negotiate and close your funding round

And much, much more



Legals made easy

Hire your team
Create and manage your co-founder and employee contracts, complete with a vesting schedule for your team.

Manage Shareholders
Easily add option pools and investors from previous rounds, create your cap table and issue new shares online.

Share with investors
Click-to-share contracts and share cap table access.


Accelerate your funding round

Negotiations made simple
Set the terms for your round with our Q&A funding round wizard, share with your investors and make any new changes in seconds any time.

Track your progress
See in an instant which investors have signed and see at a glance every next step.

One tap sign
Click-to-share contracts with investors to sign and complete your round in record time.