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Built with EIS & SEIS
criteria in mind

Stay on Top

Quickly understand key terms
Generate funding contracts in minutes. See what every term means and select the ones that are right for your business. 

Negotiations simplified
Share new documents with your investors and make changes in minutes any time.

Track your progress
See in an instant which investors have signed and always be ready for next steps with our in-platform step-by-step guides. 

Manage your shareholders

Powerful cap table features
Easily add pre-money option pools and investors from previous rounds so your share capital is 100% accurate before you start a fundraise.

Easy collaboration
Grant full access to your co-founders, advisors or investors. Send potential investors a summary view of your share register. Revoke access anytime.

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Accelerate your fundraise

One tap to sign
Share contracts with investors ready to one-tap sign and complete your round in record time. 

Investment ready in real-time
Once you've completed your round your cap table even updates so you're always ready for your next raise.



Everything you need from your Term Sheet until the investment is in the bank.



Cap Table Set Up

Share Register

Share Split

IP Assignment

Stock Options Pool

Investor Disclaimer & Investor Certificates


Term Sheet

Shareholders Agreement

Due Diligence Checklist

Add investors and shareholders


Articles of Association

Warranties & Disclosure Schedule

Shareholder Resolution

Board Minutes

Deed of Adherence

Register of Directors

1-click Share Certificates