Introducing our latest partners

We launched a year ago with a mission to make startup legals transparent, fast and accessible for UK founders. With over 3000 startups on SeedLegals, we've already transformed the way startups can raise capital to grow their businesses. And we’re now working with some of the most influential early stage funds using SeedLegals for their investments.

By giving their portfolio companies access to knowledge and tools vital to early stage investments, we're proud to be transforming the equity funding process while increasing operational efficiency for UK investment groups.

Portfolio companies get investment-ready by following our step-by-step workflows, accessing in-platform legal support and using our integrated shareholder management tools which simplify and automate company secretarial tasks which might otherwise delay their round.

Investment funds save weeks of back-and-forth emails and red-lined documents by instantly distributing their own custom SeedLegals Term Sheet with potential investees, collecting signatures and enabling startups to easily generate all the downstream legal documents needed to close the round.

Post-round, new shareholders are automatically added to the cap table, and new share certificates issued in one click. Investment groups can monitor future changes to their shareholding, as well as model company valuations and exit scenarios as the company grows.

If you'd like to give your portfolio companies a head start on their rounds, and off-load a whole lot of house-keeping, just get in touch to find out more.
“It should be mandatory for all startups to use SeedLegals” said Olivia Sibony, Head of Crowdfunding at Angel Investment Network. “It has completely transformed fundraising for entrepreneurs. The platform make everyone's lives easier, saving them time and money and reducing risk of any manual error in the traditionally complex legal world of investing."
“SeedLegals is at the forefront of deal structures for early stage deals and is out to simplify the fundraising process for all parties” - Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp
"Using software to provide automation and transparency. No more hidden terms, redlined Word documents, never ending e-mail threads and wet signatures. Until the day VCs are replaced by AI (don't hold your breathe) platforms such as SeedLegals are how fundraising should be done." - Thomas Stone, General Partner at AI Seed
"The decisions founders make at every investment round have implications for the company which span far beyond just the capital, and can totally impact their growth at a later stage. Our startups have really benefited from the transparency, ease of access and speed SeedLegals offers – that's everything you need as a startup to match your pace" - Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider

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