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R&D tax relief – Cookly Bookly

Industry: Culinary and Social Media as a service

Total R&D Tax Credits received: £ 74K

Fee Saved: 50%

What does Cookly Bookly do?

CooklyBookly is a platform for publishing and monetising culinary content.

What R&D activity did you undertake?

The technology we are developing represents a unique array of features that combines publishing, integrated and native social media capabilities, four distinct user monetisation options, video chat and live streaming. With these, we aim to develop an “all functionality under one roof” platform that is both unique and appealing. In combining these capabilities together in a manner that allows our users to monetize their culinary content, we faced a lot of technical challenges and had to come up with unique technical solutions.

What challenges did you face with regards to your R&D claim?

With an R&D claim, the stakes can be quite high and the government guidance is very basic. I cannot imagine filing a claim without the help of a professional. 

I have used another firm to handle this in the past but SeedLegals were exceptional with the way they assisted us, their unlimited support, and their guidance.

One of the major problems when filing an R&D claim for the first time is understanding how to interpret “Sought advances” and “Technical uncertainty”.  SeedLegals were hugely helpful in giving me guidance and reassurance in this respect.

Understanding what costs can be claimed can be complex, especially if you are using a mix of employees and contractors. Again, SeedLegals provided the guidance and support to ensure we didn’t leave any money on the table yet didn’t over claim.

How did SeedLegals help you to overcome the challenges mentioned?

There can be quite a bit of effort required in writing the claim narrative and calculating the costs. SeedLegals were always on tap to answer questions as they arose. The general hand-holding and guidance were exceptional.


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