Complete Your Funding Round in a Fraction of the Time

Simply add your investors and enter the key terms of your round. SeedLegals helps you start, negotiate and close a funding deal rapidly and efficiently, generating all the documents you need ready for your investors to sign online. (UK only)

Term Sheet
Due Diligence Checklist
Shareholders Agreement
Articles of Association
Warranties & Disclosures
Board Minutes
Deed of Adherence
Register of Directors

Build Your Team and Protect Your IP

SeedLegals is the fastest and easiest way to create your Employment, Consulting and founders’ Service Agreements. They’re fully customisable, your team can e-sign them right here.

And our Mutual Non-Disclosure and IP Assignment Agreements help you protect your intellectual property and confidential information, all in just a few clicks.

When it comes time for your next funding round, having it all available in the SeedLegals portal makes due diligence a cinch.

Founder Service Agreement
Employment Agreement
Contractor Agreement
Vesting Schedule Builder
IP Assignment
Mutual NDA

Manage Your Shareholders

SeedLegals makes it super simple to create your cap table, track ownership and view exit valuation scenarios for your startup. Our Cap Table integrates with your legal contacts, so once it’s set up you’ll never have to play around with Excel again. 

Unlimited share classes
Built for 8 major currencies
Shareholder Register
Stock Options Pool
Share Split
1-click Share Certificates

An Expert by Your Side

Get advice when you need it. Our team of funding lawyers are available anytime. 

The SeedLegals funding round wizard and in-platform step-by-step guides let you check off each task in your own time.