SeedLegals gives you the tools, knowledge, data & legal documents to build and grow your company.


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SeedLegals gives you a secure portal for your team and shareholders to create and access your company incorporation documents, contracts, investor materials and more.

It's the one-stop destination for your company legals, shareholders, upcoming funding deals, capitalisation and key metrics.

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Incorporate your business

Every business needs Articles of Association, few founders have the time or knowledge to understand what they're signing up for.

SeedLegals changes that. Use our interactive Articles Builder to easily build and update this important document, with expert inline advice and tutorials on each clause and term so you understand it too.

If you've already incorporated using the default Model Articles, no problem, you can import those to create the Articles you understand, perfect for your company.

Incorporate business

Connect with investors

Securely share your pitch deck and board & investor materials with existing and potential investors.

No more sending documents by email. See exactly who has access, add & remove access to potential investors and team members at any time.

Connect with investors

Create your Shareholder Agreements

SeedLegals gives you the answers you need for your business, not just a pile of templates.

Whether you're just starting out or this is your third funding round, our Quick Start templates save you time by starting with defaults just right for your company.

In minutes you'll have the perfect set of Articles for your startup based on data and insight from the experts. It's a great time-saver, and you can always edit everything later.

Create term sheet and shareholder agreement

An expert at your side

If you're baffled even trying to figure out which docs you need to register, grow and run your company you're not alone.

We'll take you through the each step of the process. Just check items off the checklist at your own pace. If you've already completed some already, no problem, you can start and leave at any point.

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Refine documents, easily

You’ve spent way too many hours staring at legal documents thinking “There has to be a better way!”

Instead of paging through a pile of printouts trying to correlate term definitions with clause references, our hypertext document display lets you mouseover any term to see its definition or references. Click on a term to bring up advice and suggestions for your use case. 

Actually we hope you'll never need to look at our document viewer at all, because you can do all the important things visually in our Key Terms interface. But, if you want to review the final document, great, you can.

Create your Company Articles

Run what-if scenarios

Quick: Your investors want to subscribe to 800 Series A convertible preferred shares of £0.01 each to be issued in consideration for £150,000, credited as fully paid and ranking pari passu with the existing series A convertible preferred shares of £0.01 each.  How much will that dilute you? How much will your shares and theirs be worth if the company is valued at £2M? At £10M?

Calculating these values is hard work and error-prone, even the experts get it wrong. SeedLegals makes it super-easy. Our Valuation Modelling chart lets you play with pricing and valuations to instantly see the worth of yourself and every investor. Essential stuff for any funding negotiation.

View and generate your company Cap Table

Your business dashboard

SeedLegals isn't just about the one-off task of taking care of a bunch of legal docs (though we do that rather well). Instead, we're the portal to keep returning to for monitoring and running your company's investors, board and funding.

We'll alert you when Companies House filings are due, when documents have been signed, when investors have responded to proposals. And we'll give you and your investors instant access to all the funding data that would have taken you ages to calculate manually.

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