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Published:  Nov 15, 2021 2 min read


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Industry: Travel

Services used: £1m in funding raised & Option Schemes

What does tripAbrood do?

The world’s first AI-powered family travel booking experience


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Fundraising. Because it’s the story that people don’t hear. And I came into many stories and thought that money was gonna come into my bank account. The time that takes is huge, along with the time you need to actually develop the business.


How did SeedLegals help you to overcome the challenges mentioned?

What I found more valuable is the flexibility with which it allowed me to craft a funding round as I wanted. And because it’s much cheaper than using a lawyer or a legal team, and a platform which allowed me to raise in an agile fashion. 

I thought I wasn’t gonna spend thousands of pounds on the rounds so I would break this down and close with some people at the beginning of the round. So then I was gonna have some money on the term sheet to be able to bring more investments. I think SeedLegals was extremely useful because it basically allowed me to bring investors at the right, hot moment.

SeedLegals does really well is that it enables you to be the architect of how you want to engage investors or employees. When speed is essential because you’re competing with other people on talents or investors then being able to be quick is important

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